Flightbeam Studios working on three major US airports for MSFS: San Francisco, Phoenix, and Minneapolis–Saint Paul

Flightbeam Studios recently ended its journey to New Zealand with the launch of NZWN Wellington Airport for MSFS, a very impressively detailed and high-quality rendition of one of the main airports in the country. Before that, Flightbeam offered us an equally outstanding virtual version of Auckland Airport (NZAA), thus providing airliner simmers in New Zealand with two high-level airports.

Now, the developer is going back to the United States to focus on major airports in this country going forward. These will follow on other existing locations that have already been released for MSFS, such as Portland, Denver, and Teterboro airports.

Mir from Flightbeam revealed that he’s currently working on four new products, with three of them already disclosed: KMSP, KSFO, and KPHX. These are Minneapolis-Saint Paul, San Francisco, and Phoenix International Airports, respectively. The fourth one is unknown at this time, but it should also be a major facility in the United States.

flightbeam nzwn wellington msfs preview 37

flightbeam nzwn wellington msfs preview 32

flightbeam nzwn wellington msfs preview 30

flightbeam nzwn wellington msfs preview 27

Wellington Airport, Flightbeam’s most recent release, is a truly outstanding piece of work.

Flightbeam is likely trying to capitalize on the recent launch of some high-level airliners, which usually bring increased attention to high-quality airports as simmers try to match a realistic and immersive flying experience to the very beginning and ending of each journey. The United States is one of the busiest aviation markets in the world, and now that the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 are out in great fashion for MSFS, American pilots of these jetliners are surely looking for some nicely detailed airports to go along with them. A smart business decision from Flightbeam!

So, there you have it. KMSP, KSFO, and KPHX are coming from Flightbeam Studios, albeit not necessarily in this order. The secret now is in that fourth airport… what could it be? Let us know your best guess in the comments below!