CLI4D Designs Expands Stunning Philippine Scenery Collection with El Nido for Microsoft Flight Simulator

CLI4D Designs has impressed us with their truly remarkable tropical sceneries in Microsoft Flight Simulator, offering landscapes that seem straight out of a future MSFS 2024.

Philippines: A Tropical Adventure Vol. 1, released a few months ago, invited simmers to explore the gorgeous Philippines with exceptionally high levels of detail. The developer is now expanding this collection, dedicated to their home country, with a new package focused on El Nido, located at the northernmost tip of Palawan, an area celebrated for its natural beauty and diversity.

El Nido is a gem within the Philippine archipelago, known for its awe-inspiring lagoons, white sand beaches, and towering limestone cliffs. The area’s natural majesty, combined with its rich marine biodiversity, offers some of the best diving experiences globally. CLI4D Designs’ attention to detail and realism shines again through this add-on, which seeks to capture the essence of El Nido’s enchanting vistas.

Clif4D El Nido Philippines MSFS 5.jpg

Clif4D El Nido Philippines MSFS 4.jpg

Clif4D El Nido Philippines MSFS 1.jpg

Clif4D El Nido Philippines MSFS 3.jpg

Building on the foundation laid by their previous Philippine scenery, CLI4D Designs has meticulously crafted El Nido to complement and enhance the virtual flying experience in this region. The new scenery broadens the geographical coverage for pilots with a series of notable features:

  • A vast area with many islands to explore with each having unique characteristics
  • Custom 3D models with PBR textures
  • Moving boats and marine life.
  • Lots of helipads with some challenging locations.
  • Secret locations for you to explore and discover.

Pilots can embark on their El Nido adventure from various starting points, including RPEN, RP70, RP71, RP72, and numerous parking and helipad locations. It’s definitely a great scenery to explore in your helicopter or amphibious aircraft of choice!

CLI4D Designs’ El Nido Philippines scenery is available now for €12.99 plus taxes.

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