Gees 2.0 is a Landing Analysis Addon for MSFS That Also Records Your Landings Automatically

Looking to get some statistics about your landings in Microsoft Flight Simulator?

Our senses are usually the only way we can measure if a landing was smooth or not, and that’s mostly limited to our eyes and the bouncing effect felt visually when touching down. There are some tools that provide numbers to give you a better idea of how that landing went, and today we’re introducing you to one of these tools that was just launched into the market. It’s Gees 2.0, and besides providing data about your landings, it also introduces a potentially very cool feature: automatic landing recordings that can be played back!

Gees 2.0 is a new addon from the same developer who brought us the initial version of Gees, which launched for free soon after MSFS was released back in 2020. Now, Gees 2.0 has become a payware product and is more streamlined, completely integrated into the MSFS menu bar, with no externally running apps.

Gees 2.0 is indeed neatly integrated inside MSFS and can become nearly invisible. The essential idea is to give you insights about your landing immediately after it happens through an unobtrusive small window that shows up to the side of the screen. But it’s highly customizable, and you can choose not to have this window and simply go into the Gees menu after landing to see how you fared.

Gees 2.0 shows an interesting variety of landing stats:

  • Landing Rate: Did you get a “fifty, twenty, ten… five… come on …” or a “one hundred, fiftytwentytenthump… uh… can you check in the back if the wings are still attached to the plane?”
  • G-Force: Are the passengers still unsure if you’ve landed, or looking around nervously, wondering “is this how it ends”?
  • Landing Speed: Similar to landing rate, but in a forward direction.
  • Wind Speed and Direction: Did you just land at an untowered airport with a 15kt tailwind?
  • Sideslip and Bank: How are your crosswind landings? Did you manage to keep that poor Cessna straight?
  • Bounces: How many times did you actually land?
  • Landing Location: Did you hit the sweet spot, or end up in the nearby parking lot?
Gees 2.0 Landing Analysis MSFS 3
Watching a recording of your landing is always fun.

Getting some numbers to satisfy your landing prowess pride is cool and all, but Gees 2.0 goes a bit further than that with a very handy, if experimental, new feature. The app is capable of automatically recording your final moments of the flight, triggered by an altitude selection (for example, it starts recording once you’ve descended below 500ft).

On paper, this is great for those moments when you wish you could see how you executed that landing from an external view, but didn’t record it using one of the available tools such as FCR 5.0 or Flight Recorder. Gees 2.0 uses the built-in recording function in MSFS to offer this capability.

The MSFS flight recorder, which Asobo added as an experimental feature after many community requests, is notoriously fiddly and needlessly complex. For example, to watch a replay from a different angle, you have to start playing back the replay, hit the ‘Record’ button in the Camera Track Recording section of the window, and then switch cameras. It’s totally counter-intuitive, but it works!

Gees 2.0 Landing Analysis MSFS 2

Once you get the hang of how the flight recorder in MSFS works, you’ll be able to appreciate Gees’s capability to start recording when you’re on final approach and then playback your landing. It’s pretty great!

And then there’s the possibility to view a graphical representation of the runway and your exact landing spot, providing valuable insights into your touchdown precision.

Gees 2.0 is available now from Simmarket for just around $8.00. It’s straightforward and well-made, and besides giving you some interesting and immediate data about each and every landing, it also works in the background to offer you a way to replay that landing after the event. Check it out!