Orbx releases British Isles Mesh for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Orbx continues to expand its Mesh series for Microsoft Flight Simulator, which upgrades certain regions of the world with higher-resolution terrain elevation data. Following previous entries such as Iceland Mesh, NA Alaska Mesh, AS Himalaya and Central Asia Mesh, and South America Mesh, Orbx has now turned to the territories of the United Kingdom and Ireland with EU British Isles Mesh, created by indie developer Dmytro Krykunov.

As with all of Orbx’s Mesh packs, the development of British Isles Mesh focused on enhancing the existing default elevation data in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The team conducted an extensive analysis of the current data across the coverage area, integrating additional high-resolution data to improve the default terrain mesh. This process involved correcting inconsistencies and filling low-resolution areas.

Special attention was given to Ireland, where the terrain mesh was developed using ALOS satellite DEM data. This effort resulted in over 200 locations in Ireland featuring a detailed 2m/px resolution.

Orbx EU British Isles Mesh MSFS 6

Orbx EU British Isles Mesh MSFS 5

Orbx EU British Isles Mesh MSFS 4

Orbx EU British Isles Mesh MSFS 3

Orbx EU British Isles Mesh MSFS 2

The use of airborne LiDAR data is also a notable aspect of this project. This technology was employed to fill gaps in the terrain mesh, achieving a 2-m resolution in Ireland and 1-m resolution in other regions. The mesh also received enhancements in mountainous areas with high-quality DEM data.

British Isles Mesh is designed to be a self-contained product, meaning it does not modify the default mesh or any other files in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Orbx emphasises that the product has minimal impact on the simulator’s performance, maintaining consistent LODs with minimal blurring and morphing.

Furthermore, the mesh is compatible with other Orbx products dedicated to this region and MSFS World Updates.

EU British Isles Mesh is available now for Microsoft Flight Simulator for around £7.59.