NA Alaska Mesh from Orbx is now available for Flight Simulator

Shortly after the announcement last week, Orbx released today its new mesh data package for the state of Alaska, in the United States. This should improve the elevation profile of Alaska’s dramatic terrain in MSFS, with more detailed peaks, glaciers, fjords, and so on.

This kind of product is often easy to overlook, as the differences it creates may not be immediately apparent, especially for those flying at higher altitudes. Improved mesh data doesn’t mean better textures, but instead provides more detailed terrain where the textures will live. So, to really see any difference, you should be flying low, hopefully spotting the less-rounded terrain that is overall more realistically elevated.

Orbx did this already in MSFS with the previous release of NZ Mesh and Iceland Mesh. Notice a pattern? All three regions are known for their mountainous landscapes, exactly the type of scenery where better mesh data can make a difference.

Orbx says that they are using the best available government data to bring to Alaska new mesh data with up to 5m resolution. This should come with no performance cost and with consistent transitions between different LOD stages.

NA Alaska Mesh is now available directly from Orbx at a very attractive price: S$9.37 | €7,99.

Orbx Alaska Mesh MSFS 8.jpg

Orbx Alaska Mesh MSFS 7.jpg

Orbx Alaska Mesh MSFS 5.jpg

Orbx Alaska Mesh MSFS 4.jpg

Orbx Alaska Mesh MSFS 3.jpg

Orbx Alaska Mesh MSFS 2.jpg

Orbx Alaska Mesh MSFS 1.jpg

Key Features:

  • High-resolution 5m DEM data
  • Minimal performance impact
  • Compiled to reduce LOD morphing
  • Self-contained product