(Out now!) Orbx announces South America Mesh for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Update, July 22 – Following just a few days after the initial announcement, Orbx released today this massive mesh update for South America. Enjoy more defined mountainscapes in your flights across the Andes, or anywhere else in this vast and diverse continent! Available now through Orbx, priced at around $13.00 | €12,80.

Orbx has announced a new product in its Mesh series for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After bringing us more detailed elevation data for New Zealand, Alaska, and the Himalayas, Orbx is now reaching out to the vast South American continent with entirely new and enhanced elevation data, adding more detail to the mountain peaks and other terrain irregularities in the simulator.

South America is an often overlooked continent in MSFS, usually with lower resolution satellite imagery than North America or Europe. There is, however, a thriving community of developers creating airports all around the region, so there’s definitely a lot of interest in improving the scenery there. There are even some hints at a future World Update to be focused on Brazil!

South America is a continent of extremes, with a tropical climate in the north and harsh mountainous conditions to the south, so there’s a huge variety of impressive landscapes to explore from the air. With that in mind, Orbx is now preparing a vast overhaul of the South American mesh data in MSFS, hoping to generate more defined landscapes that more accurately reflect the real-world appearance.

Orbx South America Mesh MSFS 5

Orbx South America Mesh MSFS 4

Orbx South America Mesh MSFS 3

Orbx South America Mesh MSFS 2

Orbx South America Mesh MSFS 1

This is the largest area covered by Orbx Mesh yet, as it stretches across the whole continent. Prepare for a hefty installation at around 25GB, which is to be expected with such an extensive coverage.

With South America Mesh, simmers will fly over more defined terrain, but the difference may be subtle. Big terrain irregularities like mountain ranges or valleys are where improved mesh data can be more readily appreciated, with more defined peaks, rock formations, etc. For example, the Andes will become less rounded and, therefore, more realistic.

As with all the existing Mesh products from Orbx, this self-contained product makes no changes to the existing files and doesn’t come with any noticeable performance impact.

South American Mesh is out now for MSFS.