Flight Panels releases Garmin GTN750 Stream Deck Profiles for MSFS

Flight Panels, the UK company that has released a series of professionally designed Stream Deck profiles for Microsoft Flight Simulator, has announced the launch of their latest package. This time, the focus is not on the functionality of a specific aircraft bur rather of a standalone avionics package, the popular Garmin GTN750 offered for MSFS by PMS50.

This new addition to their product line promises to elevate the simulation experience for simmers who value the intuitive and ease of use of the Garmin GTN750 system. This avionics solution is revered for its user-friendly interface and advanced features in navigation, communication, and situational awareness. Those who also own a Stream Deck can now seamlessly integrate both systems for a unique new way to manage the GTN750 in Microsoft Flight Simulator, which is currently compatible with over 45 different aircraft.

Crafted from scratch, Flight Panels’ profile for the Stream Deck XL includes a new installation and configuration process, encompassing 5 separate Stream Deck Profiles across more than 45 pages. This comprehensive and feature-rich profile brings the GTN750’s extensive navigation and communication systems directly to the user’s fingertips.

stream deck gtn750 msfs 2

stream deck gtn750 msfs 3

stream deck gtn750 msfs 4

There’s also support for the Stream Deck +. This latest entry into the Stream Deck family is known for its tactile buttons, rotary dials, and touchscreen, thus serving as the perfect platform for the highly detailed autopilot panel created by Flight Panels. This panel allows users to control primary autopilot systems and adjust COM, NAV, Transponder, and ADF values with ease, thanks to the intuitive rotary dials.

If you own one of these powerful Stream Deck devices and make extensive use of the PMS50 GTN750 in Microsoft Flight Simulator, these profiles from Flight Panels may be the step you need to bring both products together!

The Garmin GTN750 Stream Deck XL and Stream Deck + Profiles are now available for purchase on the company’s website.