Learn more about add-on development for flight simulation in this cross-community panel discussion

The flight simulation hobby has seen a kind of renascence with the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator, which brought a vibrancy to the community that hadn’t been seen in a long time. The third-party addon community, in particular, is now more active than ever, and 2022 promises to be another landmark year full of exciting new releases.

Naturally, our focus here is on MSFS, but there are other platforms out there that deserve some attention as well. It was this, and a little more, that was discussed in the last panel discussion of the year promoted by the Flight Simulation Association.

This past week, some well-known developers and content creators gathered around to discuss and exchange ideas about the development of flight simulation add-ons. Blu Games, Flightbeam, FlightFX, Laminar Research, NZA Simulations, and Orbx, discussed how addons are created and distributed among the community, with the exciting opportunities and also challenges that this poses for all those involved.

The two-hour-long stream is very insightful and provides a wealth of information for everyone looking to know more about this subject. It’s also a great chance to see some favorite developers talk openly about this hobby, as they are often hidden behind their respective products.

You can watch the stream below, as published by Orbx, but this is also available on the Flight Simulation Association website, where you can register for free to access this and many more great content for flight simulation hobbyists.