SimWorks Studios shares details on the Dash 7’s progress

SimWorks Studios continues working on a few exciting new airplanes for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This team is mainly known for their stunning work with the Kodiak 100 (the amphibian version just came out a few days ago!), and they are now working on the Pilatus PC-12, the Van’s RV-10, and the Dash 7.

The Dash 7 is a joint venture between SimWorks Studios and PILOT’S, who share development responsibilities in different areas. SWS is responsible for all the visuals, coding, and flight dynamics, while PILOT’S deals with sounds and other aspects of the product.

If you’ve been following along with this project, you probably remember last month’s update, where SWS said that they were finishing their end of the project and expected to deliver the package to PILOT’S for final preparations before the release. Unfortunately, SWS revealed today that some health issues within the team had delayed this process. That said, the team is now aiming to have the Dash 7 in PILOT’S hands within the next two weeks!

SimWorks Studios Dash 7 MSFS 3

SimWorks Studios Dash 7 MSFS 2

SimWorks Studios Dash 7 MSFS 1

Currently, SimWorks Studios have finished their work on the exterior model and flight dynamics. These are the two areas that are now more advanced in the development process. SWS now seems focused on finishing up work in the cockpit, not only in terms of modeling and texturing but also in the coding of all the systems.

The cockpit lighting is also an area that is actively being worked on. The gauges are now backlit, but roughly 50% of the work is still left to be done.

Alongside this update, SimWorks Studios shared some new teaser shots of the Dash 7 in MSFS, which showcase some of the key areas mentioned above, such as the night lighting in the flight deck and interior/exterior modeling. They are only a few and not particularly revealing of the current state of the aircraft, but SWS promises to bring further updates very soon! For now, enjoy the new images above and stay tuned for further news from this team in the coming weeks.