Tatenhill Airfield now available for MSFS from Burning Blue Design

EGBM Tatenhill Airfield, a medium-sized general aviation airfield in Staffordshire, England, offers MSFS users a unique blend of history and modern aviation. Originally established during World War II as RAF Tatenhill, the airfield played a crucial role in pilot training, including for the Royal Canadian Air Force​​​​. Today, it stands as an active hub for flight training and gliding, preserving its rich history while embracing contemporary aviation needs​​.

Burning Blue Design, known for its focus on UK scenery add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator, brings us their virtual vision for this airfield, in line with previous releases like United Kingdom VORs or the picturesque Compton Abbas Airfield.

Tatenhill Airfield has a rich history but is today a modern aviation hub. Its 1100-meter asphalt runway is perfect for small general aviation aircraft and is home to a flight training center and a base for gliding clubs, adding to its vibrant atmosphere and offering simmers various flying experiences.

Tatenhill Airfield MSFS 13

Tatenhill Airfield MSFS 4

Tatenhill Airfield MSFS 1

Tatenhill Airfield MSFS 8

Tatenhill Airfield MSFS 5

Tatenhill Airfield MSFS 6

Tatenhill Airfield MSFS 7

Tatenhill Airfield MSFS 2

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Tatenhill Airfield MSFS 10

Tatenhill Airfield MSFS 12

Tatenhill Airfield MSFS 11

Tatenhill Airfield has been faithfully recreated by the team Burning Blue Design, who visited the airfield to gather all the necessary data to ensure its accurate transition to MSFS.

Main features:

  • Over 130 custom 3D objects each with full Physical Based Rendering (PBR) textures
  • Based on up to date layout with accurate runways, recently paved taxiways and custom taxi signs
  • Highly detailed control tower and cafe interiors
  • Completely custom animated windsock
  • Real-life static aircraft based at Tatenhill
    • G-TALA Cessna 152 (Tatenhill Aviation)
    • G-TALO Cessna F152 (Tatenhill Aviation)
    • G-TALX Bellanca Decathlon (Tatenhill Aviation)
    • G-HWAA Eurocopter EC135 (Midlands Air Ambulance)
    • G-BMFP Piper PA28 Warrior II (Aerobility)
    • XX900 Blackburn Buccaneer
  • Full night lighting and dynamic weather compatibility
  • Enhanced high resolution colour corrected ground textures

Tatenhill Airfield is now available for MSFS at Burning Blue Design’s website for £12.95.