Flightbeam Studios prepping a massive free update for KDEN Denver Intl for MSFS

Denver International Airport from Flightbeam Studios was one of the very first scenery addons for Microsoft Flight Simulator, available right when the simulator launched in August 2020. As we’re used to seeing from Flightbeam, KDEN is a massive improvement over the default scenery that makes justice to the sprawling real-world location!

While already built up to a very high standard, there’s always something that can be improved with any given product, and Flightbeam is looking to just that with KDEN. The studio revealed this week that a massive update is currently in the works for Denver, looking to add the most recent terminal extensions and a few new features too.

That said, the team is now planning to update KDEN for MSFS with new, highly detailed interiors, static and animated passengers, and upgraded visuals all around, including, obviously, the latest terminal enhancements.

Besides the improved visual realism and eye candy, Flightbeam will also add custom jetways to KDEN and a custom Visual Docking Guidance System (VDGS).

This is definitely great news for existing and future owners of KDEN for MSFS, bringing an already excellent scenery to an even higher quality standard. Not only that, but this update will also be available for free!

Flightbeam took the opportunity with this announcement to ask for some help from the community, especially from those with close access to the airport who are able to gather some reference materials. This would be useful for the development team to recreate the latest real-world changes with the utmost accuracy and authenticity.

For now, we have only a single teaser image depicting the updated version of KDEN, but Flightbeam should share new pictures in due time. There’s no estimate for a release right now, so stay tuned for further updates!