Master approaches and landings in MSFS with FSiPanel

Here at MSFSAddons, we’re always on the lookout for useful utilities for MSFS simmers that can improve or enhance the experience in one way or another. Today, we’re introducing you to one such handy tool, FSiPanel, a versatile and powerful software for Microsoft Flight Simulator that allows you to quickly train certain procedures or effectively fly the pattern.

FSiPanel is a creation of Jean-Pierre Garraio, a real-world pilot who wanted to offer flight simmers the opportunity to train on sophisticated airliners in the same way professional pilots do in the airline industry. But FSiPanel isn’t just aimed at experienced pilots; it offers very useful training opportunities for pilots of all skill levels, focusing on the most critical aspects of flying – approaches and landings.

In its essence, FSiPanel serves a very simple purpose: to quickly position your aircraft at a specific phase of flight (for example, on final approach or on a specific leg), allowing fast iteration and practice sessions without spending time configuring the aircraft and flying it into the desired position.



With this tool, you can practice landings on an airliner like the Fenix A320 or the PMDG 737 in the blink of an eye. FSiPanel will configure the aircraft for your desired setup and position it accordingly, so you can focus on flying that particular stage.

Here’s a quick rundown of the key features in FSiPanel:

  1. Instantaneous Aircraft Repositioning: FSiPanel’s standout feature is its ability to instantly reposition the aircraft at various phases of flight, such as final, base, or on a STAR path, saving valuable time and focusing on specific training needs.
  2. Comprehensive Aircraft Compatibility: It supports a broad spectrum of aircraft, ranging from the default Asobo models to complex airliners like the PMDG 737, Fenix A320, and Maddog Md-82, ensuring applicability across different flying preferences.
  3. Realistic Flight Conditions: The tool recreates challenging weather and emergency scenarios, providing a realistic and comprehensive training environment.
  4. Detailed Flight Analysis: Post-flight analysis is a critical component, offering insights into aspects like flight path, speed, and altitude, aiding in skill refinement.

FSiPanel is compatible with all the default MSFS airplanes and also an increasing number of third-party aircraft like the Fenix A320, PMDG 737, Maddog Md-82, CRJ, F28, and more.

If you’d like to know more about how FSiPanel works, the developer has plenty of videos that help users take the best use of the tool.

FSiPanel is available in two editions: Standard and Advanced. The Advanced Edition is particularly notable for its complex failure scenarios and exclusive features like the snapshot feature for the Fenix A320. These additional functionalities make it ideal for more in-depth and specialized training. The Standard Edition, while less feature-rich, still offers substantial training capabilities, making it a great starting point for beginners.

User reviews consistently highlight FSiPanel’s effectiveness and user-friendliness. It’s praised for allowing rapid setup for landing and approach practice, its adaptability across various aircraft types, and its real-world training applicability.

FSiPanel is a comprehensive tool that can transform how simmers train in MSFS. Whether you’re a beginner looking to master the basics or an experienced pilot aiming to refine your skills, FSiPanel offers the capabilities you need to learn faster and hone your skills with your favorite aircraft!

FSiPanel is available for $29.95 and $49.95 for the Standard and the Advanced editions, respectively.