Aerosoft creates website dedicated to Mega Airport Frankfurt for MSFS

Just like they did for the A330, Aerosoft has published today a new website dedicated to their largest airport undertaking at this moment: Mega Airport Frankfurt. Announced this summer, this massive project is being developed under the skilled leadership of Jo Erlend, who also brought us Brussels Airport last year.

The development team is keen to offer a high level of realism and detail with this scenery, bringing one of Europe’s busiest airports to the virtual world of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Known for its sprawling complex and pivotal role in European and global aviation, the inclusion of Frankfurt Airport in the simulator will certainly represent a major achievement.

Aerosoft Frankfurt Airport MSFS 6

Aerosoft Frankfurt Airport MSFS 5

Aerosoft’s approach to this project is marked by the team’s commitment to authenticity. The development team has already undertaken extensive field research, gathering a wealth of reference material from the actual airport to ensure the digital recreation is as close to reality as possible. This attention to detail is evident in the early renders and previews released on the project’s official webpage, which showcase highly detailed structures and accurate representations of the airport’s unique architectural features​​​​.

In addition to structural accuracy, the developers are also focused on incorporating dynamic elements into the scenery. This includes realistic airport lighting, animated service vehicles, and other operational aspects that contribute to the immersive experience of managing or flying in and out of a bustling international airport.

Aerosoft Frankfurt Airport MSFS 1

Aerosoft Frankfurt Airport MSFS 4

The development of the Mega Airport Frankfurt is part of Aerosoft’s larger initiative to enhance the scenery in MSFS by adding high-fidelity, realistic airports. The project is a continuation of their successful Mega Airport series, known for bringing some of the world’s most iconic airports to life across several flight simulators.

The release of the Mega Airport Frankfurt is highly anticipated by the flight simulation community, who have expressed enthusiasm for the addition of such a significant European hub to their scenery collection. However, don’t expect a release anytime soon, as Jo Erlend’s Oslo-Gardermoen Airport is yet to be finished more than a year since it was first unveiled, and Frankfurt Airport is decidedly a much bigger project.

Anyway, check out the new website at to see the latest images and updates.