Boris Audio Works releases C152 sound set for MSFS

Boris Audio Works is back with a new aircraft sound set for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Acclaimed for his sound packs for the C172 and the Cirrus SR22, both of which have significantly enhanced the audio experience in both airplanes, Boris is once again looking to raise the bar with the release of a new sound set for the Cessna 152.

Boris Vanian, the mastermind behind Boris Audio Works, has established a reputation for meticulous attention to detail in capturing the essence of aircraft sounds. His collaboration with development teams like FlyByWire and FlightFX (look out for his work in the upcoming Avanti II) is proof of his talent as an audio specialist.

The new Cessna 152 sound set is a complete overhaul of the default sounds, offering a level of realism that parallels the actual aircraft. Boris has invested countless hours in professional recording sessions, using high-fidelity equipment to capture the nuanced sounds of the Cessna 152 and 152 Aerobat.

Additionally, this sound pack is fully compatible with the excellent freeware JPL/WBSim 152 mod, turning an already brilliant aircraft into the most immersive and realistic auditory experience you can have.

The complete overhaul includes:

  • Engine sounds reacting to many factors, such as oil temperature, speed, and altitude
  • Equipment and gyro sounds
  • Multi stage stall-horn and stall howl
  • Accurate ground roll and touchdowns
  • and more.

If you fly the Cessna 152 in Microsoft Flight Simulator and would like to enhance your experience even more, this new sound set from Boris Audio Works should be an excellent way to do just that. Just check out the video above for a showcase of the difference the new sounds make on the aircraft!

The Cessna 152 Sound Set from Boris Audio Works is available now through Contrail, priced at just $11.00.

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