This freeware mod for the C152 turns it into one of the best GA airplanes in MSFS

Update: This mod is no longer available through, but you can grab it here.

Ever since Microsoft Flight Simulator was released in 2020, simmers have been eagerly waiting for the next high-quality payware aircraft, always looking to find a new favorite airliner, turboprop, warbird, or anything else in the wide variety of aircraft categories. Default airplanes are often overlooked, often with good reason, as some could be better. However, there are some notable exceptions, some that have been greatly enhanced with numerous developments (like the Cj4), while others get some attention from third-party developers who offer significant paid upgrades over Asobo’s version (like the King Air).

Today we’re sharing with you a superb freeware mod that works wonders with the stock Cessna 152. This small airplane may have yet to earn your interest in its default form, but the extensive customizations made by WBSim and JPLogistics genuinely turn the little C152 into one of the most immersive general-aviation birds in Microsoft Flight Simulator!

jplogistics wbsim c152 mod MSFS 7

jplogistics wbsim c152 mod MSFS 3

jplogistics wbsim c152 mod MSFS 6

jplogistics wbsim c152 mod MSFS 5

jplogistics wbsim c152 mod MSFS 4

WBSim/JPLogistics’ work on this airplane has been available for quite a while, but a recent update (V2) totally transformed the package. The developers added a large number of features, instruments, and improvements in how the C152 operates. They even added two new variants of the aircraft… including a taildragger!

The first thing you’ll notice after installing the WBSim/JPLogistics C152 is that you’ll have three new airplanes sitting in your hangar: a standard C152, separate from the default one, a new variant with wheel fairings (it looks a bit sleeker and is a bit faster), and an exquisite new taildragger version for true backcountry operations! This alone would be a reason to download this mod, but there’s a whole lot more!

WBSim and JPLogistics have turned the C152 into a fully-featured and functional little airplane. Everything works in this new version, including the circuit breakers! The doors and windows can be opened, and the outside sounds change based on that. Even more, while in the air, the aircraft reacts to the aerodynamic changes introduced by an open window, banking to the opposite side. And if you try to open the door… well, good luck with that!

jplogistics wbsim c152 mod MSFS 9

jplogistics wbsim c152 mod MSFS 11

jplogistics wbsim c152 mod MSFS 12

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jplogistics wbsim c152 mod MSFS 14

jplogistics wbsim c152 mod MSFS 13

The added realism in the C152 is apparent in many areas. You will now find a handy tablet that allows the user to configure the airplane to a great extent. One of the key features of this mod is the variety of swappable instruments that users can choose from. These include an autopilot, support for the PMS50 GTN 750 (the TDS version also works thanks to this mod from ryanbatc), an analog or digital ADF, an EGT gauge, and more.

The tablet enables users to activate various additional realism settings. This C152 now experiences engine wear, overheating, oil consumption, plug fouling, and more. The tablet also includes a few maintenance functions so users can keep tabs on some critical needs, such as recharging the battery or changing the oil.

Starting the C152 is always a simple and straightforward task, but it’s made more realistic thanks to this mod. It may or may not start right away depending on the temperature, or how much you prime the engine. Once the engine is running, notice the vibrating needles in the gauges, as if the airplane is alive and eager to get going! It’s a Cessna 152 so it’s not going anywhere fast, but the immersion provided by all these little features adds up to a much more engaging experience in the simulator.

jplogistics wbsim c152 mod MSFS 1

Purists may disregard the addition of the autopilot and GTN 750 support, but the truth is that those two features totally change this aircraft and what you can do with it. The convenience alone of having the autopilot allows users to potentially go on much longer adventures with this airplane, enjoying a more relaxed cruise while the scenery below slowly goes by!

All in all, this is a superb work from WBSim/JPLogistics, a transformative intervention in the C152 that easily turns this into one of the best airplanes in the category in MSFS. Highly recommended!

The WBSim/JPLogistics Cessna 152 is available now from the developer’s Discord here. At the time of this writing this direct download link was working, but check the Discord for a new link if it doesn’t.