SimBitWorld releases free Random Flight Generator

SimBitWorld, mostly known for the commercial pilot career add-on “A Pilot’s Life”, has released an interesting and simple free app for simmers who can’t decide where to fly next. “A Random Flight Generator” has a similar feature set to other existing products on the market, but is specially tailored to airliner pilots.

A Random Flight Generator will immediately look familiar to whoever used A Pilot’s Life. The two apps share a similar interface that clearly looks like it came from the same creator. However, this new utility is much more streamlined, as is to be expected considering what it sets out to be.

As the name implies, this is a… random flight generator that can generate flight plans through a simple 2-click process. The goal is simple: to give you some ideas of routes to fly when you can’t come up with your own (or don’t feel like it).

Random flight generator free msfs 3

Random flight generator free msfs 2

Random flight generator free msfs 4

Users can set a few parameters, which include departure and arrival ICAOs, aircraft type, airline, or minimum/maximum duration/distance, and the app will generate a list of up to 10 random routes. The cool thing is that these flights are based on up-to-date routes, which should mean you will always get a realistic flight for the parameters you selected.

A Random Flight Generator also features a simple integration with SimBrief and can show METAR information all in the same window.

If you’re out of ideas for new flights, A Random Flight Generator can be a handy tool to have in your arsenal. Best of all, it’s completely free and readily available through Simmarket. Check it out!


  • Compatible with all major flight simulators: MSFS / P3D / X-PLANE / FSX
  • 576 airlines and 150 000 up-to-date routes
  • Optional filters like departure/arrival ICAOs, airline, aircraft type, duration, distance
  • SimBrief dispatcher and OFP viewer integration
  • METAR display for the selected route
  • Bad weather search based on external service
  • Dark/light theme
  • Auto-update mechanism to sustain possible new features
  • No account needed for application access
  • Active community on our Discord server (