Travel to Hawaii’s main airport: iniBuilds releases Honolulu Airport for MSFS

iniBuilds continues on a roll, absolutely relentless in the launch of new add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The latest is a surprising new scenery, a comprehensive recreation of Hawaii’s main airport, Honolulu’s Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (PHNL).

The strategic location of PHNL in Hawaii makes it a pivotal hub for simmers interested in Pacific operations. The airport serves as a gateway to not just the Hawaiian Islands but also offers nonstop flights to various destinations in North America, Asia, and Oceania. This opens up a plethora of long-haul and short-haul flight opportunities, making it a versatile addition to any simmer’s commercial itineraries.

iniBuildss’ scenery is packed with features that aim to provide the most realistic experience possible. The airport layout is up-to-date, reflecting the current real-world locations. All airport buildings and objects are modeled with high-quality textures, including hand-made texture sets that bring the cliffs and surrounding areas to life.

The package also includes accurate, high-quality POIs with ambient lighting. The landside of the airport is recreated in true-to-life fashion, complete with custom ground decals, street signs, vegetation, and parking barriers.

For those who use GSX, an official GSX Profile is included in the scenery folder.

In a commendable move, iniBuilds has pledged to donate 10% of all revenue generated in the first month to the American Red Cross for the Hawaii Wildfire crisis. This aligns with the company’s ongoing commitment to support humanitarian efforts beyond the realm of flight simulation.

This definitely looks like another comprehensive and highly detailed airport from the iniBuilds team, who have already brought us, this year, major airports like London Stansted and KJFK, among many other exciting releases.

iniBuilds Honolulu Airport MSFS 2.png

iniBuilds Honolulu Airport MSFS 6.png

iniBuilds Honolulu Airport MSFS 4.png

iniBuilds Honolulu Airport MSFS 7.png

iniBuilds Honolulu Airport MSFS 8.png

iniBuilds Honolulu Airport MSFS 1.png

iniBuilds’ Honolulu Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator is out now directly from their store, priced at around $25 USD.

Key Features:

  • Up to date airport layout, reflecting current real-world locations, including high quality models of all airport buildings & objects
  • Hand-made textures with crisp, bespoke texture sets, including modelled cliffs
  • Accurate, high quality modelled surrounding POIs including ambient lighting
  • True-to-life airport landside recreation with custom ground decals, street signs, vegetation, parking barriers and more
  • Official GSX Profile included in the scenery folder
  • Accurately modelled and positioned dynamic airport lighting
  • Detailed modelled terminal interior