Flightbeam Studios teases incredible NZAA Auckland Airport for MSFS

Just a few days after sharing some stunning images of its upcoming NZWN Wellington Airport for MSFS, Flightbeam Studios is now teasing another kiwi airport, being developed in parallel: NZAA Auckland Airport, the busiest in New Zealand.

We were hoping to see this one come out before the end of August, but clearly that didn’t go according to plan. NZAA was recently released for P3D, but with the MSFS version being built from the ground up to be fully native for MSFS it appears to be taking a little more time.

To let us all know what to expect, Flightbeam released today a trio of absolutely remarkable preview images of NZAA in Flight Simulator. The studio did say before that this was going to be their most ambitious project yet, with the most detailed exterior modeling ever seen in Flightbeam’s products. It absolutely shows on these new shots, which could easily be mistaken by real photographs!

NZAA Auckland Airport MSFS 3

NZAA Auckland Airport MSFS 1

To reach this huge level of detail, Flightbeam had the help of airport officials in order to get close access to the airport’s infrastructures and collect all the required data to recreate a faithful virtual version of NZAA for MSFS, all while attempting to deliver a well-optimized product.

We are now without an estimated release date for this stunning airport in Flight Simulator, but it must be just around the corner, so stay tuned for further notices. In the meantime, enjoy these stunning new images and be prepared to be blown away once it finally releases.