Flightbeam Studios shares superb first images of NZWN Wellington Airport for MSFS

Flightbeam Studios has a new airport just around the corner (NZAA – Auckland Airport, scheduled to be out before the end of the month), but the team is already teasing another major New Zealand airport to come out very soon too. NZWN – Wellington Airport, the third busiest in New Zealand, seems to be another high point in Flightbeam Studios’ scenery releases.

NZWN is looking remarkably realistic in these first images from Flightbeam. Somehow, the developers manage to create increasingly intricate and detailed sceneries that are starting to look very photorealistic. Just look at that incredibly realistic jetway, or the look from inside the terminal. Amazing!

Flightbeam says that this product was delayed due to complications from Sim Update V, a sudden pandemic that hit many third-party developers. Thankfully, things have calmed down significantly in the last couple of weeks, so the team is now pushing NZWN forward again to go along with NZAA, once that’s released.

NZWN Wellington Airport MSFS 4

NZWN Wellington Airport MSFS 2

NZWN Wellington Airport MSFS 1

Clearly, Wellington Airport will become tremendously well represented in Flight Simulator, not only with this recreation from Flightbeam but also with another impressive project from NZA Simulations, who is also working on this scenery and have also released some tremendously good-looking airports for MSFS.

Flightbeam is recreating Wellington Airport with the latest real-world updates, along with the aforementioned highly detailed Gen-5 jetways, hand-painted PBR textures, a sloped runway, and much more.

Together with NZAA, New Zealand pilots (and those visiting) will have two stunning airport to explore in MSFS, and if all goes well they should both be out soon. As usual, we will let you know about further news, so stay tuned!