Xbox simmers, rejoice! The F-22, V-22 Osprey, C310, PC-6, and the RV-10 are out now in the Marketplace

MSFS Xbox users have started to see the fruits of the introduction of WASM support on the Xbox, following the release of Sim Update 12 earlier this week. WASM unlocks a world of possibilities for the flight sim community on the console, paving the way for a thrilling roster of aircraft, which now includes the F-22 Raptor, V-22 Osprey, Pilatus PC-6 Porter, Cessna C310, and more!

The arrival of WASM support on Xbox is a game-changer for MSFS users, allowing for greater compatibility with complex aircraft and add-ons previously only accessible to PC players. Sim Update 12 delivers on Microsoft’s promise to continually enhance and expand the MSFS experience, ensuring the most realistic and engaging flight sim available on any platform and feature-parity between the PC and Xbox versions of the simulator.

The latest Marketplace product update shows the impact of the newly-added compatibility between the Xbox environment and WASM applications. Some high-profile aircraft that have been available for a while to PC simmers are now also flyable on Xbox Series S|X, with the expectation of many more to come over the next few weeks.

Top Mach Studios F 22 MSFS 3

V 22 Osprey MSFS e1679766046377

Milviz 310 Preview MSFS 55 e1679766149208

Milviz Porter PC 6 MSFS 6

Here’s a sneak peek at the thrilling new additions to the aircraft lineup that is now available for Xbox MSFS users:

  • F-22 Raptor: Dominate the skies with the legendary stealth fighter from Top Mach Studios, featuring unparalleled maneuverability that pushed you to the boundaries of speed and agility.
  • V-22 Osprey: Take to the air with the revolutionary tiltrotor aircraft, brought to MSFS by the hand of Miltech Simulations. Combining the versatility of a helicopter with the speed and range of a fixed-wing plane, the Osprey is a one-of-a-kind aircraft that offers a very unique experience in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Read our review here!
  • Pilatus PC-6 Porter: Blackbird Simulations’ (former Milviz) rendition of the highly capable PC-6 is a true tribute to the rugged charm of this Swiss workhorse, renowned for its STOL capabilities and unmatched versatility.
  • Cessna C310: Get behind the yoke of the classic twin-engine C310, also from Blackbird Simulations. Easily one of the most engaging airplanes in MSFS and a phenomenal showcase of Blakbird’s attention to detail, realism, and immersion.
  • Van’s RV-10 – SimWorks Studios continues their line of impressive aircraft for MSFS with this popular kit aircraft, whose sleek design and performance has impressed pilots and simmers from both real and virtual worlds.

The addition of these iconic aircraft is just the beginning, as developers continue to expand the Xbox MSFS experience with even more exciting and diverse aircraft in the weeks to come. Check below the full list of new additions in the Marketplace this week, which also includes the fantastic An-225, the An-2, the Sting S4, and a few airports from Orbx!


  • Antonov An-2 (ATSimulations) – $14.99 (PC/Xbox)
  • Antonov An-225 (iniBuilds) – $19.99 (Xbox)
  • 310R (MilViz) – $39.99 (Xbox)
  • F-22A Raptor (Top Mach Studios) – $35.99 (Xbox)
  • JW1 (TouchingCloud) – $8.49 (Xbox)
  • Osprey MV-22 (Miltech Simulations) – $32.49 (Xbox)
  • PC-6 Porter (MilViz) – $34.99 (Xbox)
  • RV-10 (SimWorks Studios) – $19.99 (PC/Xbox)
  • TL-Ultralight Sting S4 (FSReborn) – $24.99 (Xbox)
msfs marketplace aircraft releases march v3 2023


  • Australian City Landmarks (Orbx) – $37.49 (PC)
  • Osprey + Amphibious Ready Group (Miltech Simulations) – $38.99 (Xbox)
  • Osprey + World Carriers Bundle (Miltech Simulations) – $54.99 (Xbox)
msfs marketplace releases scenery march v3 2023


  • ENGM Oslo Gardermoen Airport (Orbx) – $19.99 (PC)
  • KSNC Chester Airport (Orbx) – $9.99 (PC/Xbox)
  • LSZB Bern-Belp Airport (Orbx) – $12.99 (PC/Xbox)
  • YMLT Launceston Airport (Orbx) – $15.99 (PC)
msfs marketplace releases airports march v3 2023