Navigraph releases mobile version of Charts 8 with highly detailed airport diagrams

Navigraph, the Swedish-based company that provides aeronautical charts and navigation data used by many simmers in flight simulation, has released a new mobile version of their Charts 8 application, along with highly detailed airport diagrams for over 1,000 airports sourced from the Jeppesen Airport Mapping Database (AMDB).

The release of the mobile version of Charts 8 follows the release of the original version back in November. the new mobile version of Charts 8 provides simmers with the same feature set as the tablet-size apps but adapted to a smaller screen size, making it easier to use on smartphones. In addition, the browser-based version of Charts, called Charts Cloud, is now also capable of adapting to smaller screens. Native mobile apps are available for iPhone and Android devices.

The new version of Charts 8 also includes highly detailed airport diagrams that are rendered from the Jeppesen Airport Mapping Database (AMDB) for over 1,000 airports worldwide. This addition will enhance simmers’ situational awareness by allowing them to view essential references such as runways with markings, taxiway lines, parking areas, buildings, obstructions, surface roads, and construction areas.

navigraph IFRcharts

The AMDB is a Geographic Information System (GIS) database that describes a set of information for a specific airport, including the spatial layout of the airport, the geometry of features such as runways, taxiways, and buildings, and other characteristics and functions such as surface type, name/object identifier, and runway slope.

The addition of highly detailed airport diagrams to the Charts 8 application is a significant upgrade for simmers, as it provides them with a much more comprehensive and accurate view of the airport environment they are operating in. The new feature will be particularly helpful for those who are unfamiliar with a specific airport, as it will allow them to quickly and easily orient themselves and navigate around the place.

Navigraph’s Charts 8 was warmly released when it was released last year and it’s great to see the company continuing to iterate on that and expand its usability and versatility. Along with SimBrief, also owned by Navigraph and recently updated with a fresh new interface, Charts 8 is an extremely valuable tool that you can use on nearly any device within reach. As long, of course, as you subscribe to Navigraph’s Unlimited plan.