Maule M7 development update: new previews of Tundra version with bush wheels and GTNXi integration

It’s no secret that Pilot Experience Sim is working on the Maule M7-235 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This project was unveiled earlier this year, and we’ve been following its development since then. Today, we’re bringing you further news about the Maule M7 for MSFS, along with a new selection of preview images.

The latest development update shared with us by PESIM includes previews of the “Tundra” version, which features bush wheels, as well as a look at the clipboard and options such as wheel chocks and loadings. Additionally, the update showcases three basic liveries, the “black interior” versions, and night lighting in the cockpit.

Pilot Experience Sim has also announced a new partnership with TDS Sim, creators of the excellent GTNXi for Microsoft Flight Simulator. As part of the partnership, TDS Sim’s GTNX750 and 650 will be included as options in the Maule M7-235. It’s unknown if the recently introduced Smart Glide feature in the GTNXi will be supported in the Maule.

Maule M7 MSFS previews 7

Maule M7 MSFS previews 4

Maule M7 MSFS previews 2

Maule M7 MSFS previews 8

The development team also shared that the alpha testing phase has been completed, and beta testing has now begun. This means that a select group of users will now have the opportunity to put the Maule M7-235 through its paces and provide feedback, bringing the aircraft one step closer to release.

The Maule M7 is a taildragger that many of you may remember from the default aircraft offerings in FSX. Pilot Experience Sim is now promising a “study-level” rendition of the aircraft, which is expected to be released in April. As explained earlier, there was a delay in the initial release due to feedback and requests for additional features and partnerships. With the beta testing phase now underway and new partnerships formed, the Maule M7-235 is shaping up to be an interesting new bush airplane for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Maule M7 MSFS previews 5

Maule M7 MSFS previews 3

Maule M7 MSFS previews 1

The Maule M7-235 is known for its versatility and capability as a bush plane. Its rugged design and powerful engine allow it to handle rough terrain and short runways with ease. The aircraft has a cruising speed of 128 knots and a stall speed of just 43 knots with flaps down, making it an ideal choice for backcountry operations.

One of the standout features of the Maule M7-235 is its ability to be equipped with floats, which turns it into an amphibious aircraft. The version with floats in PESIM’s required further refinements, which contributed to the slight delay in the release date.

With the beta testing phase now underway, the release of the Maule M7-235 is quickly approaching. As usual, we’ll bring you additional details about this product once they become available. Stay tuned!