Here are the first exterior shots of the upcoming Maule M7 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

A few weeks ago we brought you the news that Pilot Experience Sim, a developer most known for creating airports for Flight Simulator, was about to release its first aircraft for MSFS. The Maule M7, a capable taildragger that many remember from the default aircraft offerings in FSX, is being brought to life with the promise of a very detailed rendition that PESIM is claiming to be of “study-level”.

When it was first unveiled in the first days of the year, the Maule M7 was about to enter beta testing, looking for a release sometime during this month of February. Today, we learned that these plans have changed somewhat as the developer received plenty of feedback and requests following the announcement. The Maule is now slightly delayed for around 2 months… but we have the first set of external images to whet your appetite!

The Maule M7 looked very good in those initial preview shots from a few weeks back, but the external visuals were missing from the batch. Pilot Experience Sim has now published a few images exclusively dedicated to the outside of the aircraft, where we can see the complete 3D model and a few details around the wing, engine, and gear.

Maule M7 exterior previews MSFS 10

Maule M7 exterior previews MSFS 9

Maule M7 exterior previews MSFS 8

Maule M7 exterior previews MSFS 6

Maule M7 exterior previews MSFS 5

Maule M7 exterior previews MSFS 4

Maule M7 exterior previews MSFS 3

Maule M7 exterior previews MSFS 2

Maule M7 exterior previews MSFS 1

Kem Bergès from Pilot Experience Sim told us that the team has received many requests for additional features and partnerships that they would like to implement before the release. The Maule will be in development for a little while longer, not only because of this but also due to the version with floats, which has required further refinements.

Pilot Experience Sim continues to suggest that they are after a very in-depth rendition of the Maule M7 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, saying they “want the plane to be perfect as soon as it will be released”.

The current release estimate for this aircraft points to a launch in April, roughly two months from now. Until then, the beta testing should begin with a few select users, who will put the aircraft through its paces and hopefully give it the green light for launch. PESIM says that the release will also depend on how quickly the aircraft gets approval from Microsoft. This, as we know, has been problematic.