Carenado teases vintage Waco YMF-5 biplane for MSFS

Carenado is working on a new aircraft for Flight Simulator. After the Seminole and the Mooney, the developer is now following with a different kind of airplane, one that comes straight from the 30’s: a Waco YMF-5 biplane, which still remains popular with private owners for sporting purposes!

Carenado shared some images of the airplane, without any more details, other than a simple “Coming soon: Carenado WYMF5”. As usual from the team, the model quality looks top notch, very detailed and really good looking, with corresponding steam gauges.

Interestingly, despite its vintage looks, the Waco YMF-5 is still being built today to specific orders.

Carenado Waco Flight Simulator (MSFS)

It seems like a breath of fresh air when it comes to new aircraft for MSFS. We are used to see the release of light airplanes that aren’t much different from the default ones, with the obvious exception of the Blériot XI and the Long-EZ.

There’s no information about a possible release date, but as usual we will keep a close eye on this project.