RDPresets releases LXGB Gibraltar Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator

RDPresets has announced the release of its latest airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and it’s none other than the iconic Gibraltar International Airport (LXGB). With an impressive reputation as one of the most extreme airports in the world, this LXGB is a challenging yet thrilling location for virtual pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike.

Located in Gibraltar, the airport serves as the main gateway to the British Overseas Territory. It handles a significant amount of traffic each year, with more than 440,000 passengers and 3,800 aircraft movements recorded in 2022. The airport is also frequently used by people travelling to or from neighboring parts of southern Spain, such as the Costa del Sol or the Campo de Gibraltar.

RDPresets has created a highly detailed version of Gibraltar International Airport and the surrounding area, using the latest technologies in 3D modelling and scenery development. The team has focused on delivering great performance and exceptional detail, including custom ground and building modeling that covers the entire airport, including the landside. The airport’s interior has also been modeled, along with 3D passengers for added realism.

One of the most notable features of the airport is the fact that the runway intersects with Winston Churchill Avenue, the main road leading towards the land border with Spain. As a result, the road has to be closed every time a plane lands or departs, making for a unique experience for both pilots and motorists.

The release from RDPresets includes a range of features that make the experience of flying into and out of Gibraltar International Airport as realistic as possible. Gibraltar’s mountain model has been custom modeled, and the team has added more than 1000 clutter objects on the apron and surrounding areas to create a truly authentic experience. The custom ground textures also accurately recreate the differences in asphalt, and the airport’s night lighting is also precise.

RDPresets LXGB Gibraltar Airport MSFS 7

RDPresets LXGB Gibraltar Airport MSFS 6

RDPresets LXGB Gibraltar Airport MSFS 5

RDPresets LXGB Gibraltar Airport MSFS 4

RDPresets LXGB Gibraltar Airport MSFS 3

RDPresets LXGB Gibraltar Airport MSFS 2

RDPresets LXGB Gibraltar Airport MSFS 1

In addition, the release includes a functioning VDGS (visual docking guidance system), custom taxiway signage, ground traffic, and other optimizations for maximum performance. There is also a working and animated car crossing, adding to the overall authenticity of the airport.

Gibraltar International Airport is also known for its challenging weather conditions, including strong crosswinds around the rock and across the Bay of Gibraltar, particularly in winter. With RDPresets’ detailed rendition of LXGB, pilots should be able to experience the thrills and challenges of flying into one of the world’s most extreme airports in Microsoft Flight Simulator!

Gibraltar International Airport is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator, priced at €19,99 through Contrail. RDPresets says that they have done everything possible to provide users with the best experience possible.

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