PMDG updates its 737 product line for MSFS with new ground handling improvements

PMDG has updated its 737 for MSFS, with a range of changes made to the ground handling, virtual cockpit, and external model.

Posting on the PMDG forum, Robert Randazzo said: “The most obvious change made in this round of updates involves changes to the ground handling qualities of the airplane: Over the summer, some additional capabilities were added to MSFS related to tiller steering and ground handling- so we switched from our own internal handling algorithms to using the Asobo ones and this has required some effort to continue tuning since many of the new features remain undocumented.

“While still not perfect- we think this iteration is significantly better and we continue to push on our communication channels to seek further improvements so that we can bring a truly realistic Boeing steering experience to the airplane.”

PMDG 737 700 MSFS Marketplace 4

Robert Randazzo also said that the 737-900 for MSFS is now “effectively finished with testing”, and added that the team is “working to clean up a few last minute details for impending release.”

Meanwhile, work on the much anticipated ‘Universal Flight Tablet’ continues. Refining the “communication methods” between the tablet and the aircraft “has been a much larger and more difficult task than imagined”, Robert Randazzo said, adding that the team was waiting “on some input from Asobo” on a problem regarding the tablet’s communication.

Finally, Robert Randazzo confirmed that the upcoming Boeing 777 for MSFS remains in progress, with the team “hard at work” on its development.

PMDG’s full update and changelog can be found here.