Learn to fly the An-225 Mriya in MSFS with iniBuilds’s video tutorials

iniBuilds has released this week a series of videos dedicated for their Antonov An-225 Mriya for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The aircraft, which recently launched with aplomb, is quite detailed and full of interesting features, which you can now learn more about with these two-and-a-half hours of learning materials created directly by the developers.

To help users get familiar with the An-225 and learn how to fly it properly and enjoy all of its features, iniBuilds created this series of four videos that cover various aspects of the aircraft. Starting with an obligatory introduction that details the history of this legendary airplane, continuing with an overview of the exterior and the interior, these videos go on to include details about the start-up sequence and all the things you need to know to perform a full flight, enjoying of all the particularities displayed by this airplane.

These videos can prove to be an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn more about this incredible aircraft and experience the thrill of flying it in MSFS. The An-225 does most of the things simmers are familiar with from western airliners, but often in its own unique way, so these tutorials can be incredibly helpful in making the most out of this product.

This series of 4 episodes is now available on iniBuilds’ YouTube channel. As for the aircraft itself, if you haven’t had the chance to try it out yet, find it in the MSFS Marketplace, priced at $19,99. All sales go towards rebuilding efforts to bring the An-225 back to life in the real world. It’s PC only for now, but Xbox users can expect to get their hands on this fantastic bird later this month.