FSDT previews Airport Customization tools in the upcoming GSX Ground Services for MSFS

GSX Ground Services has been a popular piece of software in flight simulation over the years, providing simmers with the possibility to simulate a wide range of typical ground services in airports. Things like boarding/deboarding of passengers, marshalls, catering trucks, stairs, refueling vehicles, pushback, and more, can be simulated with GSX, so naturally it’s a tool that MSFS simmers have been waiting to see in the platform.

Thankfully, the development of GSX for MSFS is well underway, and we even got a small teaser a few months ago. This week, FSDT has shared a new sneak peek into the product, with a raw video depicting some of the airport customization options that will become available to simmers once GSX launches for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The video, which you can see below, starts by showing the GSX interface perfectly integrated into the MSFS toolbar. This will be users’ main interaction point with the tool, enabling service requests, pushback, and customization options.

The bulk of this preview, however, goes to the extensive customization options that will be available for those looking to tweak the ground services in each airport. Users will be able to fine-tune many aspects, fixing existing problems or setting up things to their needs.

For example, the video shows how users will be able to adjust aircraft parking positions, baggage trains, pushback guidance, and there’s even a hint at a possible visual simulation of boarding passengers, with the possibility to add passenger waypoints starting from a Terminal door, for example.

GSX Ground Services has been greatly anticipated by simmers and will surely be a great addition to their toolkit in MSFS, especially for those flying the big jetliners. FSDT says that development is going well and a release is likely to happen in weeks, rather than months, according to FSDT’s Umberto Colapicchioni, which is definitely very promising!

For now, check this preview video to see how GSX is coming to life for Microsoft Flight Simulator and, as usual, stay tuned for further updates, hopefully very soon!