SimWorks Studios teases cockpit of the Dash 7 for MSFS

SimWorks Studios has launched some truly spectacular airplanes for Microsoft Flight Simulator. On top of our minds is, naturally, the Kodiak 100, but the Van’s RV-14 is also an excellent aircraft and was released just a few weeks ago.

While we’re waiting for the PC-12, SimWorks Studios decided to surprise us this week with some information about a project that they are undertaking with PILOT’S: the Dash 7. Announced earlier this year, we’ve since heard and seen nothing in terms of news or development updates. Until today!

SimWorks Studios took to their Facebook page to update us on the latest developments from the team. These include advancements in the simulation of the beta mode in turboprop airplanes, something to be duly implemented in the upcoming PC12, but also an impending update for the RV-14 that will squash a number of existing bugs.

dash 7 msfs 1
Seen here in February, the external model of the Dash 7 is now complete.

The major news, of course, is that we finally get some new words about the Dash 7. This old regional airliner has progressed quite nicely since its unveiling back in February! SimWorks Studios says that the exterior model is now complete and fully animated. Systems coding is also complete at this point, so it seems the bulk of the work is now left behind for the team.

Still, there are things that continue to be worked on. For example, SWS points out that the cockpit still has to receive its textures and animations. Despite that, the team shared some brand new images depicting the current state of the flight deck. As expected, it’s still very much a work in progress. Lifeless and not ver yattractive, but clearly belonging to a Dash 7 – and a well-used one!

PILOTs Simworks studios dash 7 msfs 2

PILOTs Simworks studios dash 7 msfs 1

Those hoping to see a so-called “study-level” simulation of the Dash 7 may be in for a slight disappointment, though. SimWorks Studios says that this aircraft will be aimed at both new and experienced simmers, with an accurate and feature-rich complexity in its systems, but “without burying functionality down to a circuit breaker level“. Make of that what you will, but it seems this will be a somewhat toned-down product, while still with the potential to be great.

So there it is folks, the news some have been asking for. Neither SimWorks Studios nor PILOT’S is giving estimates for a release date, so we’ll have to wait a bit longer on that. Until then, enjoy this candid trio of new images of the Dash 7 for MSFS and stay on the lookout for further news!