Aerosoft releases Moosburg auf der Kippe airfield, in Germany

Aerosoft and ClearPropStudios are partnering to create a collection of 6 German airfields for Microsoft Flight Simulator. These general aviation destinations will be accurately recreated for MSFS, with each individual peculiarity properly represented in the sim. The first one of these airfields is Moosburg auf der Kippe (EDPI), a small 700m long grass strip that should be quite the challenge for enthusiastic pilots!

Moosburg auf der Kippe is located north of Munich, at an altitude of 419 meters above sea level. Besides the short grass runway, Moosburg is also located very close to Munich Airport, which requires flying a very exact traffic pattern.

Moosburg is quite popular throughout the year, due to the flea markets and regular fly inns that attract a lot of pilots.

In order to accurately and realistically recreate this airfield, the developers flew there several times in the real world to gather images and data. Their goal was to create an authentic scenery, extensively modeled in all its buildings and structures.

Moosburg auf der Kippe EDPI MSFS 5

Moosburg auf der Kippe EDPI MSFS 4

Moosburg auf der Kippe EDPI MSFS 3

Moosburg auf der Kippe EDPI MSFS 1

Besides the airfield itself, you will also find a series of landmarks around it, which are important in the VFR approach to the runway, such as the St. Kastulus Monastery, Asch Castle, Isar Bridge and Zolling power station. So, it’s a complete package, specially made for those familiar with the area but also rewarding to anyone looking to explore the beautiful Bavaria landscape, especially after the improvements made with World Update VI.

Moosburg auf der Kippe – EDPI is now available from Aerosoft’s store for the very low price of €6.00.


  • Every building at the airport was modeled according to the original down to the last detail
  • Close cooperation with the airport operator on site to create a realistic atmosphere
  • Sophisticated night lighting
  • POI St. Kastulus, Asch Castle, Isar Bridge and Zolling power station included
  • Includes parking lots, traffic lights, highway signs and rest stops

ClearPropStudios is a new development studio in flight simulation, now presenting itself to the community with this series of airports for MSFS. If you like this first offering from the team, make sure to follow further development updates on its Facebook and Instagram pages.

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