The F-16 from SC Designs is almost ready, coming to MSFS in December

A few months ago we told you about the development for MSFS of one of the most iconic fighter jets of all time, the F-16 Fighting Falcon. A project from SC Designs, a sister studio of DC Designs, the F-16 remains on track for a release this year, with the latest development update confirming that things are coming together nicely.

SC Designs counted with the help of DC Designs to get the F-16 package ready for Sim Acoustics, who will work on the sounds of the aircraft using real-world recordings. This will hopefully ensure a realistic and immersive audio experience when flying the F-16. As we saw with the Just Flight Hawk T1/A, excellent sounds are extremely important for the overall quality of an add-on aircraft.

The developers state that the cockpit of the F-16C has been completed, while the two-seat variant, the F-16D, will have fully functioning flight controls, albeit with some limited functionality concerning the management of some systems. As for the MFD and HUD in the back, they will replicate those in the front seat, and there’s even a simulated FLIR effect for increased terrain awareness when flying low at night.

SC Designs F 16 MSFS 11

SC Designs F 16 MSFS 9

SC Designs F 16 MSFS 8

SC Designs F 16 MSFS 7

SC Designs F 16 MSFS 6

SC Designs F 16 MSFS 5

SC Designs F 16 MSFS 4

SC Designs F 16 MSFS 3

SC Designs F 16 MSFS 1

SC Designs will include at least 10 liveries with the package, which will include a selection of standard paint schemes and also some unique ones from around the world. A paint kit will also be available for those looking to create their own designs.

With the F-16 nearly complete, now waiting for some final polishments and the custom sound work from Sim Acoustics, SC Designs is also eagerly waiting to see what the November 18th release of the Asobo FA/18 Super Hornet will bring to the table in terms of new features available to third-party developers. Most notably, the team is hoping to be able to implement HUD collimation into the aircraft, a feature that has been long-awaited by creators of fighter jets for MSFS.

With all of this, SC Designs is looking to finally be able to release the F-16 in December, a nice Christmas gift for many fans of this legendary aircraft. Obviously, no weapons will be available, but flying this elegant and nimble fighter in the stunning world of Flight Simulator is surely enticing!