Majestic promises updates on the progress of the Dash-8 for MSFS in a few weeks

The Microsoft Flight Simulator community has been fortunate this year to receive a series of highly-detailed and realistic airliners, proving that MSFS is as serious as a simulation platform as it can be. From PMDG’s 737s to the Fenix Simulations A320, Leonardo’s Maddog X, and even the Just Flight 146 Professional, airliner pilots now have a few great choices to simulate the most complex procedures in the virtual world of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Of the high-profile airplanes still missing in MSFS, one of the most beloved ones is the Dash-8 Q-400 from Majestic Software. Majestic has been notoriously silent about their plans for MSFS… besides a couple of initial statements around the time MSFS launched two years ago, there’s been no public communication from the members of the team. However, that’s about to change soon!

Simeon Richardson (aka kroswynd) recently posted on Majestic’s support forum, promising an update soon (in a few weeks), about the team’s progress concerning MSFS. Check below Simeon’s full words:

majestic progress update msfs

There’s clearly something going on behind the scenes at Majestic, as we’ve been suspecting since the early days of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Majestic always mentioned intentions/desires/wishes of releasing the beloved Dash-8 for MSFS, but never publicly confirmed nor denied the development. This statement is the closest we’ve got yet to a confirmation that the Dash-8 is indeed coming to MSFS. “A bit of work to be completed before we can see the light at the end of the tunnel“, says Simeon. Usually not the most exciting choice of words from a developer, but, in this case, it’s a massive hint about the current state of things between Majestic and MSFS. Buckle up folks, exciting times ahead!

There were some concerns from Majestic Software, immediately after the launch of MSFS, about the lack of some crucial capabilities in the MSFS SDK that prevented the development of highly-detailed airplanes such as the Dash-8. Those gaps were eventually fixed by Asobo and Microsoft, enabling the current crop of high-quality airliners to eventually become available for MSFS. Majestic has undoubtedly benefited from these advancements as well, but we should learn more about that soon!

We’ll be paying close attention to this subject over the following weeks, patiently awaiting the promised progress update from Majestic. Their Dash-8 is one of the most stunning airplanes that have ever graced a desktop flight simulator, and we can’t wait to finally see it in MSFS. Stay tuned!