Carenado teases Cessna 337 Skymaster, coming soon to MSFS

It was with great joy that we received the news that Carenado was working to bring the iconic Cessna 337 Skymaster to Microsoft Flight Simulator. The revelation came in August, along with a series of stunning images of the aircraft. Now, more than two months later, Carenado is back with new shots and a “coming soon” sticker.

The Skymaster is one of the most beloved products from Carenado and it’s also one of the most interesting GA airplanes around. With its push-pull configuration, this twin-engined Cessna makes use of a front “pulling” engine and a “pusher” at the rear end.

Typically from Carenado, these new images of the Skymaster, all exterior shots, show a remarkably detailed model. Carenado’s artists have been on top of their game with recent aircraft releases for MSFS, and the Skymaster appears to be no exception.

There isn’t really much more to say about this, as Carenado is being sparse with details about this next release. However, they ask us to stay tuned for some additional news “soon”. We will do just that! Until then, enjoy these beautiful new images of this curious flying machine, coming soon to Microsoft Flight Simulator!

Carenado 337 Skymaster MSFS 4

Carenado 337 Skymaster MSFS 3

Carenado 337 Skymaster MSFS 2

Carenado 337 Skymaster MSFS 1