Pilot Plus releases Bristol Airport for MSFS

After showing some stunning teaser images a couple of weeks ago, Pilot Plus has released today its rendition of Bristol Airport (EGGD) for MSFS. The developers are confident enough about their work to say that this is the most accurate recreation of Bristol Airport to ever reach a flight simulation platform.

Bristol Airport is an important regional infrastructure serving the south-west of the UK, hosting flights from easyJet, TUI, Ryanair, and more. With a history that goes back to the 1050s, Bristol Airport is now amongst the 10 busiest in the UK, with more than 8 million passengers going through its gates each year.

The first images that we saw of this new product from Pilot Plus were very promising, showing a very detailed airport. These first impressions appear to extend to the final product that we are seeing now, where the high visual fidelity meets an authentic atmosphere to create an impressive scenery all-around.

PIlot Plus used their artistic prowess to full extent, creating a very realistic rendition of Bristol Airport for MSFS. It’s something that we saw already when they released London Oxford Airport, an also beautifully recreated scenery. Now, in Bristol, the developers used high-resolution terrain to create a very realistic sloped runway, an impressive work that extends to the beautifully rendered airport buildings – both inside and out.

Bristol Airport is now available directly from the developers website and also from Orbx. It will set you back around £15, not much considering the level of quality that is being delivered.

Main features:

  • An ultra-realistic rendition of Bristol Airport
  • Precise terrain of 1 metre resolution, inclusive of accurate runway slope
  • Full high-resolution PBR implementation, from buildings to airside clutter and ground
  • Dynamic rain on terminal and tower glass
  • Full exterior and interior of terminal and control tower
  • Realistic and accurate night lighting throughout
  • Latest high resolution ground imagery and airport layout