Visit the Russian resort city of Sochi with this impressive airport and scenery from Digital Design

Digital Design is back to MSFS with another stunning airport. After their impressive work in Salzburg, the developers have now turned to the Russian resort city of Sochi, famous for hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics and the F1 Russian Grand Prix.

Sochi has one of the busiest airports in Russia, after those in Moscow and St. Petersburg. It has seen an increasingly higher number of movements after the 2014 Olympics, a time when the airport was also extensively renovated.

Digital Design is now bringing an extremely good-looking virtual version of this airport together with a comprehensive overhaul of the city itself.

The airport has been modeled to represent its actual state, with high-quality buildings that look very realistic. The high levels of realism extend to all the included features, from the custom airport vehicles and jetways, to the variety of static airplanes and helicopters and even the interior of the terminal, which was modeled and features parallax windows.

But Digital Design didn’t stop with the airport. Similarly to what they’ve done in Salzburg, the scope of this product extends beyond the perimeter of Sochi’s airport. After all, the resort city is famous for some of its landmarks, so the developers included many attractions around the airport. Most notably, you will see a complete recreation of the Olympic Park, the F1 track, the famous coast and its beaches, and more.

Sochi Airport MSFS 9

Sochi Airport MSFS 8

Sochi Airport MSFS 7

Sochi Airport MSFS 6

Sochi Airport MSFS 5

Sochi Airport MSFS 4

Sochi Airport MSFS 3

Sochi Airport MSFS 2

Overall, it’s a comprehensive re-work of Sochi for Flight Simulator, designed to reward anyone looking to know a little more about the city and have a high-quality airport nearby for flight operations. All of this with minimal performance impact, according to the developers.

Sochi Airport (URSS) is now available on SimMarket, and should also come to the MSFS Marketplace soon.


  • Complete high-quality models of the Sochi airport
  • Many custom airport vehicles
  • Many custom 3D models of vegetation and trees.
  • Custom surroundings including many attractions around the airport, over 100 objects.
  • Complete recreation of the Olympic facilities, track F1, coasts, sochi park, hotels etc
  • Animated 3D people
  • Custom animated jetways
  • Advanced night lighting
  • Static planes and helicopters
  • Use of parallax windows in combination with partial interior modeling
  • FPS-friendly design
  • Correct runway profiles