Pilot Plus previews impressively detailed Bristol Airport for MSFS

Pilot Plus is back with another UK airport for Flight Simulator. After the impressively detailed London Oxford Airport, the team is now putting the final touches on a similarly high-quality virtual version of Bristol Airport (EGGD), which ranks as one of the top 10 busiest in the United Kingdom.

If you have any fond interest in this airport, you may remember that UK2000 released its own version for MSFS shortly after the release of the new simulator. Pilot Plus seems to be coming out now with a significantly more detailed scenery, at least when it comes to the interiors, which is what we can see at this point. It will be interesting to compare both versions once this new one is out!

We’d argue that spending resources on how the terminal looks on the inside may not be the most valuable use of an artist’s time, but that seems to be all the rage right now from flight simulator scenery creators. However, these interiors do look great when seen from the gate!

Bristol Airport MSFS 4

Bristol Airport MSFS 3

Bristol Airport MSFS 2

Pilot Plus says this is a big project for the team, who carefully crafted Bristol Airport to be as authentic and realistic as possible. These few preview images look very impressive indeed, particularly the one with the big glass windows, where rainwater can be seen running down the windows.

For now, there’s no clue about a release date, but all signs point to a nearly ready product that should be out soon. Stay tuned for further news!