Orbx releases EU Great Britain Central, its first landmark region pack for MSFS

As promised just a few days ago, Orbx launched today a new product series for Flight Simulator. Following the success with the Landmark City Packs, Orbx is now releasing EU Great Britain Central, the first entry into a similar idea that is now being extended to much bigger regions.

This new add-on has been specially created for those flying low and slow under visual flight rules. Pilots traversing central Britain can now find around 500 landmarks and attractions that should make these flights much more enjoyable.

Stretching from Liverpool and North Wales all the way up to Newcastle, you can expect to find a wide variety of uniquely designed POI’s, such as:

  • Lighthouses and piers
  • Stadiums
  • Famous castles, manor houses and ruins
  • Bridges
  • Churches and Cathedrals
  • Masts, Radomes and military base installations
  • VFR reference points

Besides the general addition of these landmarks, Orbx has also overhauled some of the most important cities in the region with many unique buildings. These cities are Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Media City, Salford, Sheffield, Blackpool, and Newcastle.

You can read more about this new add-on from Orbx in the initial announcement article, or on the official product page, where you can also buy EU Great Britain Central for just £9.60 | $13.35 | €11,25.