Orbx announces EU Great Britain Central for MSFS with more than 500 landmarks

Orbx carries on its mission to enhance the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator with improved scenery and points of interest. The Landmarks Series for MSFS has been well received, significantly improving the look of famous cities around the world. Now, Orbx is expanding on this idea with the first regional landmark pack for MSFS, focused on Central Great Britain.

Designed for slow pilots who like to fly low and appreciate the scenery around, EU Great Britain Central will be the first entry into a new product series that hopes to enhance the experience of these pilots who like to explore new regions. Pilots flying under VFR should also greatly appreciate the hundreds of realistic landmarks that Orbx will be introducing with these regional packs.

EU Great Britain Central from Orbx will soon add almost 500 new POI’s to the central region of Britain’s biggest island, stretching from Liverpool and North Wales all the way up to Newcastle, near the border with Scotland. These landmarks include many unique structures scattered throughout the whole region. These include lighthouses, piers, stadiums, castles, manors, bridges, churches, and more.

The main cities get even more attention, with many buildings that create a unique feeling in each urban scenario. Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Blackpool, and more, have been upgraded, as well as smaller towns.

With the dedicated World Update that the UK received a few months ago, the British Islands became one of the best places to fly in MSFS. With the continued attention that the region is getting from third-party developers, particularly with this new product series from Orbx, British pilots are definitely a privileged bunch!

EU Great Britain Central will be out next Sunday, for a price that hasn’t been disclosed yet. But guessing from previous Orbx releases for MSFS, we believe it will be a pleasant surprise.

Orbx Great britain Central MSFS 4.jpg

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