Alderney Island recreated for MSFS by Boundless Simulations and IniScene

Boundless Simulations has launched its first product for Flight Simulator, in a partnership with IniScene. Alderney Island, the northernmost of the inhabited Channel Islands, has been recreated by the studio in great detail and is accompanied by a faithful rendition of the island’s airport too, EGJA.

Alderney is a small and picturesque island, just three and a half miles long, where visitors and inhabitants can enjoy some gorgeous cliffs next to tiny and pristine beaches. There’s also a rich history here, with several castles and forts that go back many centuries.

Boundless and IniScene recreated the whole island with high-resolution aerial imagery, alongside hundreds of custom placed buildings and more accurate elevation data, to deliver a true-to-life scenery where you can enjoy exploring each small corner of the island.

The island’s small airport was also overhauled, with a realistic runway configuration that matches official data.

Alderney Island is now available from the IniBuilds store, and will set you back just £9.99.

Alderney Island MSFS 8

Alderney Island MSFS 7

Alderney Island MSFS 6

Alderney Island MSFS 5

Alderney Island MSFS 4

Alderney Island MSFS 3

Alderney Island MSFS 2