Is Air Hauler 2 coming to MSFS?

Just Flight’s Air Hauler is a well know app in the flight sim community. It’s been around for years for both FSX and P3D, and is usually regarded as one of the best ways to give some purpose to all those virtual flights. Air Hauler provides a way to create your own airline company and give you control of the transport of cargo and passengers across the world, all while managing your company, recruiting pilots, buying or leasing aircraft, and much more.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve seen similar concepts like the very popular (and free) NeoFly and FSEconomy.

Air Hauler fans have wondered if the program would ever come to MSFS, and it seems Just Flight has good new for us. In a short Twitter post, the dev team revealed a single image that seems to show the upcoming version of Air Hauler 2 for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. It shows a “My Office” screen that has been designed to look almost exactly the same as the MSFS main screen. Maybe the goal is to have a familiar interface for those new to the program?

On a second note, we also know that this is going to be a full separate version, and not a simple update to the current app for FSX and P3D. So prepare to shell out some bucks for this, as it’s still unclear wether existing customers will have some kind of discount. There’s no release date yet, but we will keep an eye on this and let you know of any further updates!