FSPM VFR Map – A great MSFS toolbar mod with a moving map

You may say that the default VFR map in MSFS is good enough, but there’s no denying that it could be better. Proof of that are the several “map addons” that have since become available, that are either alternatives to the default map or add some new kind of functionality. Take, for example, this little tool that loads SkyVector charts directly in the MSFS toolbar, or VFRMAP, which displays your current position on any device connected to the same network as the PC running Flight Simulator.

But there’s more. Today we present you another alternative: FSPM VFR Map, created by scelt, is a perfectly integrated toolbar mod that gives you not only a moving map, but also some information about your aircraft (altitude, vertical speed, airspeed and heading). It even tells you wind speed and direction, useful if you can’t be bothered with the Garmin.

FSPM VFR Map MSFS 2 e1605214299151

Besides the basic world layer, there’s also a second layer with some info about surrounding airspaces and airports, with some additional nav data. While this layer is not yet interactive, there’s some hope this may change in the future.

Finally, for those of you looking for a more realistic experience, there’s also the ability to instantly teleport your aircraft to anywhere in the world, and choose a preferred altitude and speed. As we know, very useful!

Installation is as easy as it goes. Drop it in your Community folder and find it in-flight on the top toolbar.


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