An airliner from the East: Tupolev Tu-134 under development for MSFS

The race is on. Who is going to release the first third-party airliner for MSFS? With PMDG we’re expecting at least another full year before the release of their 737 NGX, while Aerosoft’s CRJ-700 seems a little further ahead in the race, but not yet quite ready to have a release date. So let’s introduze a third runner, and it’s from a completely different background: the soviet Tupolev Tu-134.

A team of developers from Eastern Europe is working on bringing this workhorse of the Soviet Era into Microsoft Flight Simulator. It’s been available for FSX and P3D, and is currently being worked on for MSFS, still with no details about a possible release date.

  • Tupolev Tu 134 msfs 3
  • Tupolev Tu 134 msfs 1
  • Tupolev Tu 134 msfs 2
  • Tupolev Tu 134 msfs 4
  • Tupolev Tu 134 msfs 5

There’s some images and a couple of videos detailing the interior and exterior model, which you can see below (audio in Russian, but rich in visual detail). It certainly looks interesting, and may be a fine introduction to soviet-era aircraft. Imagine trying to land this bird in the freezing Siberian winter in the world’s coldest airport. A real challenge!

We will keep an eye on this project and let you you once there’s some further news.

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