PMDG delays the 737NG3 to second half of 2021

PMDG’s 737NG3 is one of the most anticipated addons for MSFS, and for good reason. It’s an extremely complex simulation that’s been pushing the boundaries of what is possible to create in consumer-level flight simulation for years.

Everyone was really excited when Robert S. Randazzo announced their plans to bring the 737NG3 to MSFS, and there was even a hint that it could be released before the end of this year. Well, unfortunately that’s no longer going to happen. In an update posted on the company’s official forum, Robert S. Randazzo detailed some of the challenges of working in such a complex aircraft in a platform that has just been released and is very much in active development.

While Robert praised Asobo for their commitment to helping developers and continue to improve the platform, he noted that the work-load on the platform side and the slow update rate are somewhat unexpected, which hinders PMDG’s development process of the 737NG3 for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The end result? The expected release date slipped by about a year, and the team is now aiming to 3Q2021, maybe even 4Q2021, for the product to be ready. This is a testament to the sim’s current state when it comes to the SDK tools needed to develop more complex aircraft, and it’s something we’ve heard from other developers as well.

In the meantime, we’ll have to appreciate all the other great aircraft that are coming out. The community is doing an incredible job bringing the A320neo up to very high standards!

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