New simpleEFIS module from simpleFCU announced for home cockpit builders

simpleFCU, known for their build-at-home autopilot control module inspired by the real-world Airbus autopilot module, has opened pre-orders for their latest module: simpleEFIS. Following the success of its previous product, which enabled enthusiasts to build their own autopilot modules with varying degrees of assembly required, simpleEFIS represents the next step for home cockpit builders to expand their setup.

After months of development, the simpleFCU team has responded to the feedback of their community, integrating the simpleEFIS control module alongside the existing simpleFCU module. simpleEFIS is designed to be standalone yet complementary when used in tandem with simpleFCU, offering a seamless integration.

The new simpleEFIS module takes advantage of the same technology used on the previous module, incorporating the Arduino Mega technology that powers it directly from a USB connection to a computer and MobiFlight as the software backbone.

simpleFCU simple EFIS flight simulator 1

simpleEFIS module was showcased this weekend at FSWeekend in Lelystad, coinciding with the pre-order phase that just started a few days ago. Users interested in getting this module can order both Creative and Assembly editions, which cater to varying user preferences depending on their willingness to put the whole thing together or simply getting a ready-to-use kit.

All currently supported versions, including Regular, Mini, and A3xx LCD from KAV Simulations, are available for preorder through the simpleFCU website. The simpleEFIS Creative Edition is priced at 139€, while the Assembly Edition starts at 199€. Special discounts are offered to existing simpleFCU customers, with a bundled preorder offer for both simpleFCU and simpleEFIS modules at significantly reduced rates.

The shipping of preordered units is scheduled to begin in late May.