FlyByWire reports good progress on the A380X for MSFS

A brief update today to inform you that FlyByWire, the team behind the eagerly awaited A380X for Microsoft Flight Simulator, has shared a short but exciting progress report!

In a statement released on their Discord channel, the developers highlighted significant advancements in the development of the Airbus A380, marking another milestone towards bringing this ambitious project to fruition.

The latest development update indicates “good progress” over the past few weeks, with notable advancements including the successful integration of a custom-made FMS into the pilot’s MFD. In addition, the Onboard Airport Navigation System (OANS) has been incorporated, promising to enhance simmers’ situational awareness and facilitate easier navigation on the ground.

FlyByWire also reported various improvements across all cockpit instruments, as demonstrated by the stunning new image of the flight deck, which we share with you here.

The FBW A380X is among the most highly anticipated aircraft currently in development for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and the fact that it will be available for free makes it even more appealing to simmers. FlyByWire has promised to share a more detailed development update soon on their YouTube channel.

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