Progress Continues on the Majestic Dash-8 Q400 for MSFS Amid Challenges

The Majestic Dash-8 Q400‘s anticipated arrival in Microsoft Flight Simulator has been a subject of intense interest and speculation within the flight simulation community. This high-end simulation, known for its detailed representation in previous platforms, has been eagerly awaited by the most serious MSFS simmers, who can’t wait to have the high-fidelity regional airliner waiting in their hangars.

After a prolonged silence since the last significant update in 2022, the community received a short but promising update from Simeon Richardson, also known as kroswynd. In a recent forum post, kroswynd provided a brief yet reassuring message for 2024. He acknowledged the team’s quietness but assured us that this did not equate to a halt in development. Majestic continues making steady progress on the Dash-8 for MSFS.

Majestic Dash 8 P3D not MSFS 1
Every photo in this article is from the Dash-8 for P3D.

“Yes, it has been very quiet on the forums but that does not mean work does not continue. All is well amidst our busy 8 to 5 work and family schedules.”, kroswynd said this week. “Our Team is steadily moving along with development for MSFS 2020, and we will be sure to share information and or images when we are satisfied with the progress.”

This update, though sparse in details, is definitely a source of renewed optimism for the community.

This project has faced several challenges, including initial limitations with the MSFS SDK, which initially hindered development. More recently, the team has had to navigate the complexities arising from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which impacted their operations and necessitated adjustments within the team.

Majestic Dash 8 P3D not MSFS 3

Despite these hurdles, the updates from Majestic continue to be encouraging. This week’s update follows the most detailed information about the project, which was revealed over a year ago. At that time, we learned that Majestic was porting their Q400 for MSFS, a step planned to precede the development of native models for the Q300 and subsequent aircraft.

With many exciting releases on the horizon for 2024, it’s still quite uncertain whether the Majestic Dash-8 will make the list. It would certainly be a fantastic addition, but we’re left waiting for more precise details despite the positive signals coming from Majestic. As always, we’ll let you know about any further updates on this highly anticipated aircraft.