MK Studios teases Málaga Airport scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator

MK Studios is nearing the release of its next airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The prolific development team, who have already released 5 airports this year between Europe and North America, has started teasing their latest project: Málaga Airport (LEMG). The sneak peeks, though sparse in detail, suggest that we’re just a few days away from the release.

The few images released by MK Studios showcase a moody atmosphere in Malaga. According to the developer, “This exquisite airport infrastructure was created using a combination of LiDAR technology and detailed airport blueprints. This approach allowed us to capture precise measurements and seamlessly incorporate them into the surrounding terrain with photogrammetry.”

MK Studios Malaga Airport MSFS 5

MK Studios Malaga Airport MSFS 4

MK Studios Malaga Airport MSFS 1

MK Studios Malaga Airport MSFS 2

Málaga Airport, located in the heart of Spain’s Costa del Sol, is not just a gateway to this sun-drenched region but also an aviation hub bustling with activity. As the fourth busiest airport in Spain, it serves as a crucial link for tourists flocking to the Andalusian coast. The airport boasts three terminals, two runways, and a general aviation terminal, handling more than 18 million passengers in 2022.

The airport’s unique architectural features, like its glass-domed terminal and striking control tower, are expected to be meticulously recreated by MK Studios. With this release, simmers will not only enjoy the splendid sights in and around Malaga but also the operational complexity of managing flights in and out of a busy tourist hotspot.

MK Studio’s Malaga Airport should be just around the corner, so get ready to escape Europe’s winter months to the sunny coast of southern Spain. As always, we’ll let you know once this is out!