PMDG brings further SimBrief integration to its tablet, Xbox updates on hold

PMDG has updated its 737 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, with users now able to import route, payload, fuel, and performance data directly from the tablet to the FMC.

In a post on the PMDG forum, Robert Randazzo also said updates for Xbox users were on hold “due to the fact that the Universal Flight Tablet does not work on the Xbox platform.”

He added: “We believe we know why the tablet is being prevented from working, and we have reached out to the platform developer for help and guidance, as according to all publicly available documentation- things should behave just swimmingly. We are working on this behind the scenes and awaiting further guidance and feedback in response to our inquiries. Once we have some guidance from the platform developer, we’ll advise you as to next steps.”


For PC users, the changes to the Universal Flight Tablet (UFT) also include improvements to tablet map functionality, handling of reroutes and diversions, and bug fixes.

Looking ahead, Randazzo outlined the update cycle for the Universal Flight Tablet, describing a “3 and 1” cycle involving three weeks for major change updates followed by a stability and corrections build one week later. Crucially, he said the team had identified a bug in the SimBrief import process, and while it would be fixed in “next week’s update”, ensuring you select an airline and a flight number for your flight plan in SimBrief was a workaround for the issue.

The full changelog can be found below:

  • [EFB – General] Tablet map should pick up changes made on the FMS
  • [EFB – Performance and Computational] Landing Dispatch Data should be imported into Landing Enroute fields
  • [EFB – General] Tablet namespacing still not working correctly
  • [EFB – General] Need Handling of Reroutes & Diversions
  • [EFB – Simbrief] CO RTE field not showing CO RTE name
  • [FMS – Initialization] Two click SimBrief integration of RTE/PAYLOAD/FUEL/PERF INIT loading into FMC
  • [EFB – General] Metars stop functioning between 0000z and 0100z
  • [EFB – General] PMDG map tiles names are fuzzy
  • [EFB – General] Fully convert to JSON for tablet-plane comms
  • [EFB – General] UFT 1.2 “New route loaded” message appears too often
  • [EFB – Performance and Computational] Arrival Airport Calls for Runway, not ICAO code.
  • [EFB – Performance and Computational] Imported Flight plan times do not match Simbrief
  • [EFB – General] Make all wind fields, changeable units
  • [EFB – General] Charts app, should fullscreen in the same way as maps app does
  • [EFB – Performance and Computational] Calculate button shows loading circle in case of Calculation error message appears
  • [EFB – Performance and Computational] Weather Import INOP​