Passenger2 announces release date and pricing: what to expect

We’ve been following the development of Passenger2 for while, a new software that aims to offer simmers with an immersive passenger simulation experience to enrich their flights. Today, we’re happy to report that Passenger2 is now ready for launch and is slated for release on November 24th, with a pre-sale starting on October 27th. Passenger2 is positioning itself as the most advanced passenger and crew add-on for popular flight simulators like Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane, Prepar3D, and FSX.

The excitement has been building for months, and now the wait is almost over. According to Lead Developer Scott Thompson, the pre-sale for Passenger2 will kick off on October 27th, offering the software at a discounted price of £19.99 ($24.99, €22.99). After the official release, the price will rise to £24.99 ($31.99, €29.99).

Passenger2 will have an extensive feature set on offer. Whether you’re interested in managing an entire airline or simply want to enjoy unrestricted flying, the software has you covered. You can buy and sell aircraft, manage contracts, and even create subsidiary airlines.

The in-flight service aspect is also quite interesting; you can take control of the catering, design your menu, manage stock, and set prices. The software also promises detailed flight reports, realistic seat maps, and a host of other features aimed at enhancing the realism and immersion of your flights. An updated website and a brand new trailer video for the product highlight all the features you can expect from Passenger2.

In previous updates we learned that Passenger2 aims to offer a dual-mode capability, allowing users to either embark on a career as an airline pilot or enjoy a solo flight. The software will also feature a rating system that evaluates not just your flying skills but also your customer service, offering interactive passenger reactions during the flight.

In a video released in August, Thompson elaborated on the operational aspects of Passenger2, including its compatibility with GSX, a popular add-on that provides ground services. This ensures that Passenger2 will be in sync with various flight phases, such as taxiing, pushing back, take-off, in-flight, and landing. The software will also feature advanced, AI-generated, multilingual announcements, adding another layer of realism to the experience.

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Moreover, a sneak peek into the software’s boarding and pushback features was showcased in September. The boarding process promises to be highly realistic, complete with gate announcements and dynamic seat maps. During pushback, safety videos will play automatically, and the crew will make announcements to ensure the cabin is ready for departure.

Passenger2 has set high expectations in recent months, with many comparing the planned feature set to that of FSPassengers, and if it delivers, it could very well become the new standard in passenger simulation in MSFS. With a pre-sale starting in a few days, we will quickly see if Passenger2 meets expectations. In the meantime, learn all there is to know about Passenger2 on the official website!


Career or Just Fly
Be the boss and manage your company, or fly with no limits. The choice is completely yours.

Manage Fleet
Buy and sell aircraft as you manage your fleet of aircraft.

Manage Contracts
Who do you want to represent your company? Manage your handling contracts and get the best price.

Take control of the in-flight service with the catering manager. Create your menu, buy stock and set prices.

Create Subsidiaries
Manage more than one airline by creating subsidiary airlines under your parent airline.

Manage Staff
Keep your staff paid fairly to keep them happy. Sales commission goes a long way too. Beware, unhappy staff may strike.

Detailed Flight Reports
Keep a record of all your flights and see how you, as a pilot, performed and how your company is performing.

Realistic Seat Maps
Each aircraft has a handmade realistic seat map with configurable first-class cabin.

In-flight Service
Control or automate the drinks and snacks service. Going international? Ensure you stock duty-free goods to make more money and make your passengers happier.

How satisfied are your passengers? They will rate you on everything, including pricing, service standards and flying.

Advanced Announcements
Industry-standard announcements with the addition of multilingual. Use airline sound packs to have branded announcements.

Random Events
Be ready for anything. From drunk passengers to medical emergencies, anything can happen.

Flight Monitor
Advanced flight monitor that doesn’t only work in the sky but also on the ground! See gate displays and in-flight information.

Safety Video
Don’t just listen to the safety demo. Watch it on the IFE screen!

Cabin Monitor
Watch your passengers board and relax. Observe your crew carry out tasks from door mode selection to in-flight services.

Unlock achievements for managing your flights.