Passenger2 shows off boarding and pushback in its upcoming passenger simulator for MSFS

Passenger2 grabbed our attention this summer with its promise of revolutionising the way simmers experience passenger management in Microsoft Flight Simulator and other popular flight sim platforms. Developed by Scott Thompson, Passenger2 aims to deliver “advanced passenger realism,” a feature that simmers have been long-awaited since the days of FSPassengers. The software is expected to launch in Q4 2023, but until then the developer has shared a few sneak peeks into the development of this tool and its features. This time, we’ll take a look into passenger boarding and pushback!

Scott Thompson, the lead developer of Passenger2, showcased the boarding and pushback features of his app, a significant milestone in the software’s development so far. This will allow simmers to watch animated passengers board the aircraft, complete with individual seat maps. The crew will also carry out their duties, from boarding to changing the door mode. The user interface is replete with a flight monitor that displays gate information when at the gate and safety videos during pushback and taxi.

passenger2 msfs boarding 2
Boarding Experience

The boarding process in Passenger2 is designed to be more realistic and interesting for the simmer. Upon connection with the simulator, users will hear a gate announcement simulating the airport environment. The crew will then board the plane, and the flight interface of Passenger2 will display a seat map specific to the aircraft being used. Users can set the boarding length and even select boarding music to enhance the experience. As passengers board, the gate information changes dynamically, and the crew makes announcements to guide the process.

Pushback Procedures

When the time comes for aircraft pushback from the gate, Passenger2 will also spring into action. You’ll see the crew set the doors to automatic mode and take their safety demo positions. A safety video will play automatically, and the crew will make announcements to ensure that the cabin is ready for departure.

As we’ve learned before, Passenger2 will allow users to embark on a career as an airline pilot or enjoy a solo flight. The software will evaluate simmers based on flight performance and customer service, providing interactive passenger reactions during the flight. It will also sync with GSX, a popular add-on that provides ground services, aligning its systems and announcements with various flight phases. You can see just that in the video above as GSX is used to pushback the airplane and Passenger2 picks up on that to start the safety announcements.

Passenger2 promises to be a very interesting new take on the “passenger simulation” side of flight simulation. Its focus on “advanced passenger realism” and the recent showcase of boarding and pushback features indicate that it aims to offer a great level of immersion. While it’s still in development, the developer is currently aiming for a release before the end of this year. Stay tuned for further updates in the coming weeks!